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Cheers To The New Year 2021- Home Edition

Things look a lot different this year. Birthdays, Social Gatherings, Holidays. And New Year's is no different. How to have a great intimate night with the people in your home? Read below for a phased New Years Eve party.

1) Start the evening off this year with some light bites, a charcuterie tray and some bubbly. Try pairing different cheeses with wine and champagne. Add some music to start your hourly countdown and get into the spirit. Don't forget to get dressed up - you can break away from your athleisure outfit and loungewear for a few hours.

2) Move to the next part of your evening - a good meal. You've been inside for awhile, so I'm sure you have some recipes you still want to try. Or make your go-to New Year's Eve traditional meal. You can create a table with sequins, plate charges, festive napkins, and decorative pillows. Add a little candlelight with gold glitter votive candles and watch them twinkle over your sparkles

3) Now it's time to cut loose in the Living Room. Break out the balloons; you can purchase them everywhere. We have stayed on trend with a common NYE theme of black and gold, with gold metallic balloons and a Cheers banner. Crank up the music and watch your local TV station for the official countdown and blow your whistles at the stroke of 12:00am. Don't forget to Hydrate after your cocktails with some custom water bottle labels to that remind you to "Let's Party" and "Enjoy"!

CHEERS TO THE NEW YEAR! You made it through to 2021 doing it in a "big" way all from your home.

(Candles, Champagne glasses, Cheers banner, and Water bottle labels all created by Kontour Events)

Kontour Events hopes you have a Blessed and Safe 2021. If you have any social events or birthdays that need planning - contact us for a Free Consultation.

And...did you get a Wedding Proposal?! We also do planning and design for those as well.

Remember all of our events are "Kontoured with the Client In Mind"

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