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Spring is in the Air & So Are the Sound of Wedding Bells

Spring is here which means Love is in the air and maybe you have gotten engaged. Congratulations this is going to be a wonderful time in your life leading up to the most important day of your life thus far. But, what do you do next? There are so many details and planning that need to occur. Below I give you 3 tips on what to do after you’ve said “I DO”.

1) Choose a day.

Now days weddings aren’t just in May or June but year round. Choosing your day will allow you to also determine your venue and theme. If you chose a day in winter, then indoors or a heated tent would be your best option and sometime in July or August can be outside but consider the heat and risk of thunderstorms.

2) Determine your budget.

You must know how much you want to spend on everything, and I mean everything. The main things are your dress and tux, venue, food and decorations, but what about bridesmaids and groomsman gift, entertainment, the officiant, transportation, flowers, the list goes on. You also have to determine this to know how small or big your wedding is going to be and who will be paying for what.

3) Pick a venue.

Now that you know how much you want to spend pick a venue and a package that goes within your venue budget. Try to combine the venue with a linen and chair package or a food package to keep costs down. Many venues have various levels and options you can choose from you just need to do your research and have your negotiation skills together. Need help with the above and next steps, hire a Wedding Planner. They will take care of all of this and more for you. Kontour Event Management has wedding packages to plan your entire day or just do month of coordination. Contact Us for more information during a free consultation.

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