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National Weddings Month - What I Learn From My First Destination Wedding Years Ago

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

My first day-of-coordination for a wedding and what better more romantic and fun vacation place than Jamaica. That is where my best friend and her husband married at the Half Moon in Montego Bay 5 years ago in April of 2009. What does it entails to do double duty as a bridesmaid and coordination? A lot of walking and follow up!

After the rain stopped it was a gorgeous breezy sunny day, perfect for a Caribbean Wedding. I spent time talking to the onsite planner about suits needing to pressed, flowers needing delivery, confirming who would speak, and best of all delivery the gift from the bride to the groom.

Some tips I would advise if you are planning a Destination Wedding:

1) Go visit where you want to be married and the reception.

Please please do not do everything over the phone. This bride went to Jamaica at least twice within the year of planning.

2) Get a Partial Planner or Coordinator that can work with the onsite planner.

Enjoy your day and know that things are being taken care of by the Wedding Planner you hire not the designated planner on site. While the Half Moon Resort planner was wonderful, there is no guarantee that things will run smoothly while you are there. Have someone there looking after your best interest and finalizing your to do list, more Internal Planning/Guest Relations.

3)Get all inclusive. It really is the only way to go.

So what if you have to wear a wristband! Right before the wedding the Bridal Party cut them off and then got new ones afterwards.

4) Consider having the guests stay in one hotel and have the wedding in another.

If your dream is to be married in one place but the rooms may be at capacity or too expensive consider another hotel for lodging then you can shuttle people over.

5) You can transport your favorite vendors to where you are or use the preferred vendors of the venue.

Just make sure you mesh well with them and see the work ahead of time. Example would be finding a good photographer prior to arriving.

5) Have guests bags for the guests.

They traveled for you give them some culture/keepsakes from where you are getting married. You can contact the Chamber or Travel and Tourism Center for details.

If you are planning a Destination Wedding there is a lot of planning to do in the city you are getting married in and at home. Let me help plan your travel arrangements, event design, invitations, etc... I will also travel with you to ensure all your questions get answered and your event is Kontoured to your vision.

Until Next Time,

Krystal "Ms. Kontour"

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